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The Content of this site might be offensive to some viewers, mostly to all of them. Your discretion is necessary as Dumb Bum claims no responsibility over Damages (to your physical being, your wallet, your psychological 'joie-de-vivre', or your cats getting flea infections). In fact we are not responsible for ANYTHING.

Anything includes: Political viewpoints that might be offensive, support for any Reform movement of Any Country that we have not visited, insults to the following groups: politicians, panda bears, religious leaders, usurpers and many others. This site could offend (and attempts to do so) some minority groups as well.

Minority groups include: Immigrants (not the illegal ones for they are too many to be called a minority), women, single mothers, students, Buddhists, Christians, the Pope, public transvestites, children, ant-eaters, anyone below average height, ugly children, successful magicians and limbo dancers, men, anyone over average height, gun holders, gays, (I withdraw gun holders, I see them loading… insults targeted to them have now been removed from this site), non-American Gun holders (much more pacifistic), bow-hunters, evolution, divinities, any other religious group not mentioned above due to low star power, any Sacred artifacts and personas you might feel offended if targeted (includes Feta cheese, Irish beer, prophets that are not from my religion and I cannot spell their names well, prophets from my religion that might be watching), oh yeah that reminds me about the sacred cows, clowns, clouds shaped as something offensive (sexually, Pope, Tony Bennett or other), Capricorns, the illiterate, the homeless, Stan Lee and all the Stan Lee lookalikes (not his hat, it's cool), people of average height, and the Richard Simmons fans, and Richard Simmons.

If you have not been named, congratulations, you are part of a Majority. Some of the majorities might also be targeted for which we are not responsible, it happens, such as: Illegal immigrants, closet gays, perverted elders, shoe salesmen, cookie making grandmothers, Christmas trees (when in season of course), Hanukkah, all the Michael's, Jimmy's, Anna's, Jeremy's, Timmy's, Julie's, Ali's, Karsten's, pedestrians, Harley Davidson's, jackets, police officers, the Chinese and all their friends and extended family, ok the Indians too (not the native-Americans, it's rude to call them Indians, they qualify as a minority that has not been mentioned), Kangaroos, alcoholics, smokers of any substance, Peruvian 'clichés', sombreros, salmon, rocks (it can be someone reincarnated if you believe in those things), anything extinct, websites, webmasters, lawyers, pedophiles, all the other 'philes' including FBI, zoophiles, necrophiliacs (we know how many you are), zombies, bad horror  movies, morons, Mormons, Aliens (both ugly and cute), bad translated movies and advertisements, YOU who are reading this laughing at everybody else...

If the material of this website is offensive to you, DON'T complain. We will then create a 'special minority group' just to target YOU. If you have to blame someone and we understand and support you, blame AL GORE. Life was so simple and our madness cloistered before his BIG invention of the internet.

If you are apart of a religious group that got targeted, you shouldn't mind. In respect of your own beliefs, I'll get punished in the Afterlife so let me have fun for now.

Any broken links, missing pages, typos, lack of updates, lack of frames, or of content that you might find or not on this site, is intended. Don't e-mail us about it, we don't care, and we won't fix it! If it annoys you, it did its job!

Browsing this site is at your own risk. You agreed to read it by your own FREE WILL, so blame yourself!

By now you must agree that we are terrible babysitters, for we have no ounce of responsibility and care not to find some. Keep us away from your children and your car, TRUST us with your wallet, but not any hand-grenades or matches or 'fart-cushions'.

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